Music Design & Background Playlists


Identity Development in Sound Atmosphere and Background Playlists for:

-Shops Launches

Management and Music production for Social Events and Businesses that require music as fundamental part in establishing in the market.

Implementation for each customer: Custom Radio / Radio Embedding / custom designed and music Playlists.

Service of Musical Development for Brands and Campaigns: Identity – Musical Management – Musical Production and Atmosphere. Music of spaces. Thematic music.

We offer a fresh, curated selection of contemporary music. We are dedicated full-time to designing sounds according to seasons, times of day, emotional climates, spaces, events, menus, food & drinks.


Dj Set Live

diego and me café

Live Dj Set, Radio Cascabel:

We develop Curatorship of Music for specific social gatherings and business meetings.
Recorded music for audiences on radio or at live venues:

*cafes and bars
* events
* shops
* live broadcasting

We play and mix records to encourage people to dance or to keep an atmosphere, either in one style or a mixture of styles.
Cascabel is in charge of cycles in Bars, Festivals and Events in Buenos Aires.
Cascabel is currently playing in London´s Music Scene: Rye Wax, Meet transmission & NTS.